Days Off In Didim

We love Didim! Here at the golden beaches of Altinkum, we are proud to say that we can turn your treatment into a vacation. You can spend a few hours on our clinic for your treatment and spend the rest of your day in the restaurants, beaches or ancient temples for Greek gods and godesses!

Didim Apollon Temple is considered among the best preserved temples of antiquity. The temple, which was completely unearthed with the scientific excavations carried out between 1906-1913, was partially resurrected. There is a water source in the central courtyard, whose location has not been determined until now. The extraordinary status of the temple is based on its special function as a center of prophecy.

Didim, which is full of beaches on 3 sides, draws attention with its clean beaches and it is not as crowded as some vacation centers. Our clinic, which is a few meters away from the main beach of Didim, ensures that you do not make long journeys from the beach into the city. The distance from our clinic to the beach is only 5 minutes on foot!

We arrange the vacation, transportation and accommodation for our patients coming from abroad! We pick you up from the airport and drop you off at your hotel, we bring you to your appointments for your treatment in our VIP vehicles and make sure you enjoy your time in Didim!