Orthodontics; It is the science that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of jaw, tooth and facial disorders. Orthodontic treatment helps the jaw development in children to progress properly and helps the teeth to be in the correct positions. In adult individuals, it prevents crookedness that may have developed over time. It also provides correction of closing irregularities and chin and facial disorders.

Orthodontic treatment allows you to have a healthier oral structure and a more aesthetic appearance. With an on-site orthodontic treatment, you can have teeth that will stay in your mouth for a long time and will not deteriorate. In our clinic, orthodontic treatment is applied in the most effective way, using the most up-to-date techniques. The deciduous form of orthodontic treatment on the teeth is the brackets, popularly known as “braces”. The brackets, which can be designed according to each age group, are divided into three different categories.

The deciduous form of orthodontic treatment on the teeth is the brackets, popularly known as “braces”. The brackets, which can be designed according to each age group, are divided into three different categories.

Metal brackets: These are the most commonly used devices in the treatment of Orthodontics. Metal brackets attached by calculating the correct points on the decks are brought to the position where the teeth should be by means of orthodontic wires passing between them.

Transparent brackets: They are made of the color of the teeth or completely transparent material. The working principles are the same as metal brackets. The main difference between them is that they are decidedly less visible. It is commonly used in adults as its transparent brackets require more maintenance than metal brackets.

Lingual brackets: Adhered to the inner surface of the teeth as fixed metal brackets. Its most important feature is that it is not seen from the outside in any way. Because they work in a different way than the treatment technique applied in Metal and transparent brackets and the working principle of these brackets, the treatment time is longer.

Radio Orthodontic Treatment

Radio orthodontic treatments are performed in the form of removal of dental distortions using a series of transparent plaques. Instead of wires, teeth are fixed thanks to these plaques, which are not visible from the outside. Patients who undergo this type of orthodontic treatment remove their transparent plaque only for brushing their teeth. Except for these times, plaques need to be worn continuously.

Radio orthodontic treatment is used only for patients who experience tooth distortion. It is not suitable for use in disorders of the jaw and facial system.

Why Be Orthodontic Treatment?

Patients often go to the orthodontist with complaints of dental perplexity. Although these perplexities are seen only as an aesthetic problem from the outside, they actually bring many problems. Mouth closing disorders caused by dental perplexity also cause chewing and speech disorders.

It also becomes difficult to maintain oral hygiene with impaired structure and perplexed teeth. For this reason, the formation of caries teeth becomes easier. Decapitation of the surfaces between the teeth also opens the door to gum diseases, as it increases the accumulation of plaque that cannot be cleaned in these areas.

Therefore, if you see signs of dental confusion, we expect you to our clinic as soon as possible for healthier teeth and a more aesthetic appearance...

Duration Of Orthodontic Treatment

The duration of orthodontic treatment varies depending on the condition of each patient and the form of treatment that will be applied to the patients. Orthodontic treatment, which is only related to teeth, takes less time than treatments for jaw disorders.

The average time interval that can be given to obtain positive results in orthodontic treatments varies between 6-24 months.December Dec. But this time can increase or decrease depending on the patients ' condition and treatment processes. The fact that this period can remain within the established time limits also depends on titles such as the patient staying away from the food that they should avoid and taking care of the cleaning and maintenance of the apparatus used for treatment.

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